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PAC Brackets in Four Wheel Driving

4WD and Pac Brackets

The proven versatility and strength of PAC Brackets makes them ideal for use in four wheel driving. The need to safely secure tools and equipment is extremely important in this offtimes dangerous sport.

The range of PAC Brackets ensures that almost all tool and equipment stowage needs are met so whether it’s tools or equipment such as a jack, PAC Brackets have a stowage solution available.

PAC Brackets are manufactured from glass fibre filled polyurethane with stainless steel locking pins so are non corrosive and the use of brightly coloured yellow lock straps also helps to identify the location of the brackets in low light or dusty conditions.

Stowage of long handled tools such as shovels and brooms, cylinders such as gas or fire extinguishers and stowage of small tools are just some examples of where PAC Brackets can be used.

The more popular types of brackets in use are: -

  1. Hooklok - a friction type locking device used to lock poles & long handled tools into place.
  2. Flexmount – a friction type locking device to clamp round items too large for the Hooklok.
  3. Handlelok – a positive locking device and our most popular selling bracket.
  4. Adjustamount – a positive locking bracket in both a standard and long strap version that adjusts to the width of the item being stowed. This bracket is also available as the ‘Super Adjustamount’, which allows for taller sided items.
  5. Jumbo Handlelok – the large version of the Handlelok and popular for stowage of fire main stand-pipes.

PAC Brackets Australia work closely with organisations to provide project based stowage solutions so for further assistance or information on 4WD Pac Brackets contact us here.