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The product support and assistance from PAC in Australia is commendable...

Leon (Alfy) Smith - Engineering Services Tasmania Fire Service
As everyone is aware, the main drivers for fire appliance design change is OH&S or WHS as it is termed these days. As the designer and fabricator of fire appliances in this climate, the Tasmania Fire Service are focussed on building innovation and evolution into every new category of vehicle, with WHS considerations being one of the main considerations. Historically, we have had issues with stowage, with injury to firefighters accessing equipment on appliances, missile hazards with equipment being ejected from their stowed position, equipment becoming dislodged within the locker and falling upon the opening of the locker, causing injury. The use of the PAC range of products has allowed us to engineer out the issues previously referenced, enhancing usability and safety of the end user. From a fit out and design perspective, the use of PAC hardware has allowed us to alleviate many stowage issues previously faced in design. The product support and assistance from PAC in Australia is commendable, a great product, with great support.

Great Product

Alex Heiden - Engineering Manager - SEM Fire & Rescue
PAC brackets and cylinder mates are easy to install, have a good quality, reasonable price and turnaround time.

Outstanding Service

Moore Engineering
Prompt, professional & hassle free service.

Versatile & Hard Wearing

Simon O’Hart - Frontline Fire & Rescue
Over the years we have trialled various versions of brackets for the mounting of equipment on our Fire Appliance builds and have found PAC brackets to be by far the most versatile and heavy duty series of brackets in the market place. We have always been able to find a PAC bracket to resolve even the most challenging of equipment fastening situations. I see PAC brackets being a vital part of all our vehicle designs into the future.